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General procedure for Firearms Licence - For Club Approved Use Only. 

WARA Form 1 Club Support Letter:

  • Click here
  • You can also obtain this from from your club captain or the WARA Office. 
  • This form needs to be completed with all relevant details and then to be signed by an appropriate office holder of your Club, generally this is your Captain.

 Firearm Serviceability Certificate:

  • You will need to complete this form for each firearm applied for.
  • This certificate can be completed by the dealer or your nominated club representatives.  
  • A certificate number will be required when you complete your online application.  
  • This certificate must be attached with your Firearms Licence application.  
  • Additional information regarding the certificate can be found on the Police Website, as per the http:// link below, under the "Dealers/Associations" 

Applying for your first firearm:

  • You will need to complete the "Firearms Awareness Certificate" , this can be completed at the WARA offices, see "about us" for our address. This must be attached with your Firearms Licence application 
  • Additional information regarding the certificate can be found on the Police Website, as per the http:// link below, under the "Dealers/Associations"

Via the Police website complete the online Firearms Licence application:

Please refer to the following link: 

  • Make sure that you read “before you begin”. You will need to place your pointer over "before you begin" and right click to download the PDF information.  This will assist in completing the online form and the relevant primary and secondary documents required to prove your identity.
  • The above link defaults to the Australian post office  online processing system.  The form will not print or do anything unless it is completed in full.

Lodging your form:

  • Once you have completed the form and printed it out.
  • Attached the required certificates and the WARA Firearms application form.
  • Take it to your local post office ,lodge your application and pay the fee. 
  • Your application then shall be processed by the WA Police and your firearms licence issued in due course.

Rule changes:

FS Grading Rule Change.     F Open Target Rule Change   Changes to rules can be found on the NRAA's website.

Other Forms:

Enrolment Form   Transfer Form

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