Moora Rifle Club Prize Meeting 2016  
Match #1 10 shots at 300 yards  
Target Rifle      
Hughes Neil Yarloop 49.07
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 49.03
Hope Chris Perth-Fremantle 49.01
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 49.01
Mackay Laurie Kambalda 48.04
Martin David Subiaco 48.03
Farrell Michael South Perth 48.02
Brooks Ray Chapman Valley 47.03
Barrett Bill Kalgoorlie 46.01
McCarthy Lara Perth-Fremantle 45.05
Crockett Adrian Subiaco 45.02
Mckay John Bindoon 45.00
Martin Kim Moora 43.00
Harris Hugh Yarloop 40.00
F Standard      
Purdy Graham Geraldton-Greenough 59.00
Cole David Yarloop 58.04
Lipple Larry Geraldton-Greenough 57.03
Norwood Ashley Geraldton-Greenough 57.01
Blechynden Denis Beverley 57.01
Doney Gerry Perth-Fremantle 56.05
Carver Neil Subiaco 56.03
Bryan Rod Moora 52.01
Brennan Terry Geraldton-Greenough 52.00
Match #2 11 shots at 300 yards  
Target Rifle      
Farrell Michael South Perth 55.06
Hope Chris Perth-Fremantle 55.05
Hughes Neil Yarloop 54.06
Mackay Laurie Kambalda 54.05
Brooks Ray Chapman Valley 54.02
Martin Kim Moora 53.04
Martin David Subiaco 53.02
Barrett Bill Kalgoorlie 52.04
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 52.03
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 50.03
Harris Hugh Yarloop 49.02
McCarthy Lara Perth-Fremantle 49.02
Crockett Adrian Subiaco 48.01
Mckay John Bindoon 47.02
F Standard      
Norwood Ashley Geraldton-Greenough 65.06
Carver Neil Subiaco 64.03
Doney Gerry Perth-Fremantle 64.01
Purdy Graham Geraldton-Greenough 63.05
Lipple Larry Geraldton-Greenough 63.03
Blechynden Denis Beverley 62.03
Cole David Yarloop 61.03
Bryan Rod Moora 60.00
Brennan Terry Geraldton-Greenough 56.00
Target Rifle      
Hope Chris Perth-Fremantle 104.06
Hughes Neil Yarloop 103.13
Farrell Michael South Perth 103.08
Mackay Laurie Kambalda 102.09
Martin David Subiaco 101.05
Brooks Ray Chapman Valley 101.05
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 101.04
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 99.06
Barrett Bill Kalgoorlie 98.05
Martin Kim Moora 96.04
McCarthy Lara Perth-Fremantle 94.07
Crockett Adrian Subiaco 93.03
Mckay John Bindoon 92.02
Harris Hugh Yarloop 89.02
F Standard      
Norwood Ashley Geraldton-Greenough 122.13
Purdy Graham Geraldton-Greenough 122.05
Lipple Larry Geraldton-Greenough 120.06
Doney Gerry Perth-Fremantle 120.06
Carver Neil Subiaco 120.06
Cole David Yarloop 119.07
Blechynden Denis Beverley 119.04
Bryan Rod Moora 112.01
Brennan Terry Geraldton-Greenough 108.00

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