Pickering Brook Prize Meeting 2014  
Match #1  15 shots at 300 yards  
Target Rifle      
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 75.01
Reid Mahlon Boddington 74.06
Angelatos Chloe Darling Range 74.06
McKenzie Michael Perth/Fremantle 72.08
Watkins Peter Yarloop 71.05
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 71.03
Stuart Christopher Darling Range 71.03
Cromb Michael East Perth 70.04
Angelatos Sam Darling Range 70.03
Brooks Raymond Chapman Valley 70.02
Samuel Kerry Subiaco 69.06
Frehner Ian Subiaco 69.02
McCormack James Darling Range 64.00
Summers Wayne Subiaco 60.01
Couper Clark Karratha 59.00
F Class Std      
Cassey Ken East Perth 89.09
Day Bradley Busselton 89.07
Alford David Bassendean/Bellevue 88.06
Cole David Yarloop 87.05
Blechynden Denis Beverly 87.04
Doney Gerrard Perth/Fremantle 85.06
Logan Malcolm Bassendean/Bellevue 84.05
Dhu Alex Busselton 84.05
Littlely David Bassendean/Bellevue 84.04
Jackson Christopher Geraldton 80.02
F Class Open      
Kinnear Robert Wurgabup 90.08
Day Courtney Busselton 88.09
Stoffels Shaun Service 81.03
Match #2  15 shots at 400 yards  
Target Rifle      
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 74.06
Angelatos Chloe Darling Range 74.05
Stuart Christopher Darling Range 73.06
Watkins Peter Yarloop 72.06
Brooks Raymond Chapman Valley 72.06
Reid Mahlon Boddington 72.05
Frehner Ian Subiaco 72.05
Angelatos Sam Darling Range 72.05
Summers Wayne Subiaco 72.04
Samuel Kerry Subiaco 70.04
McKenzie Michael Perth/Fremantle 70.04
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 66.02
Cromb Michael East Perth 66.01
McCormack James Darling Range 64.00
Couper Clark Karratha 52.01
F Class Std      
Doney Gerrard Perth/Fremantle 88.08
Cole David Yarloop 87.02
Day Bradley Busselton 85.06
Logan Malcolm Bassendean/Bellevue 83.05
Littlely David Bassendean/Bellevue 83.03
Dhu Alex Busselton 81.04
Blechynden Denis Beverly 81.02
Alford David Bassendean/Bellevue 80.02
Jackson Christopher Geraldton 79.01
Cassey Ken East Perth 62.02
F Class Open      
Day Courtney Busselton 90.10
Kinnear Robert Wurgabup 89.04
Stoffels Shaun Service 85.03
Grand Aggregate    
Target Rifle      
Watkins Paul Chapman Valley 149.16
Angelatos Chloe Darling Range 148.11
Reid Mahlon Boddington 146.11
Stuart Christopher Darling Range 144.09
Watkins Peter Yarloop 143.11
McKenzie Michael Perth/Fremantle 142.12
Brooks Raymond Chapman Valley 142.08
Angelatos Sam Darling Range 142.08
Frehner Ian Subiaco 141.07
Samuel Kerry Subiaco 139.10
Davidson Kevin Bunbury 137.05
Cromb Michael East Perth 136.05
Summers Wayne Subiaco 132.05
McCormack James Darling Range 128.00
Couper Clark Karratha 111.01
F Class Std      
Day Bradley Busselton 174.13
Cole David Yarloop 174.07
Doney Gerrard Perth/Fremantle 173.14
Alford David Bassendean/Bellevue 168.08
Blechynden Denis Beverly 168.06
Logan Malcolm Bassendean/Bellevue 167.10
Littlely David Bassendean/Bellevue 167.07
Dhu Alex Busselton 165.09
Jackson Christopher Geraldton 159.03
Cassey Ken East Perth 151.10
F Class Open      
Kinnear Robert Wurgabup 179.12
Day Courtney Busselton 178.19
Stoffels Shaun Service 166.06

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