Chapman Valley Rifle Club Prize Meeting

Event details

  • Saturday | July 24, 2021 to Sunday | July 25, 2021
  • All Day
  • Chapman Valley Rifle Range

Hi Everyone

I have created an online booking event for our shoot, to enable early nominations (and payment).

This will assist with entering competitors into the NRAA results and scoring platform in advance, as well as hopefully giving us an early indication of how many people we expect to attend.

We are also accepting nominations via email and phone and in person on the day. It is hoped that there won’t be many late/on the day nominations.

I would also like to do the scoring down on the range, as I did last year at Geraldton Greenough and DRA. If anyone has a card table they can loan me on the day, that would be very much appreciated.

For the tech savvy, nominations can be made at https://www.try Otherwise to this email or or my phone.

Details are on our Facebook page, as well as Trigger Ticklers, for those who follow that group.