Kambalda RC Picnic Shoot – 1100 yards

Event details

  • | June 3, 2019
  • 7:15 am
  • Kambalda Rifle Range
  • Evan 0428403916 or Sue 0417932988

1100 yds   One Kilometre

The Kambalda Rifle Club will hold a Picnic Shoot on Monday (June 3rd public holiday) 2019.
after the EGDRA Prize Meeting
7.15 am muster with a prompt 7.30 am start to allow for those who need to travel.
The Shoot will be a 15 shot match @1100yds.
Standard shooting rules for Target rifle, F Open, F Standard and FTR
$20 nomination fee.
First place in each class will receive a unique Kambalda trophy to commemorate the competition.

1,100 Yards = 1.00584 Kilometres
1,100 Yards = 1,005.84 Meters

For further information
Captain Evan Foley 0428403916 email evanfoley@westnet.com.au
Secretary Sue Stirling 0417932988email hstirlin@bigpond.net.au  susan@patleightonfca.com.au

Please click here to download Kambalda 1100 yds 2019 flyer.