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Clarification on NRAA “Blow-Off Shots” rules

Attention all Associations, Clubs and Members,

Clarification on NRAA “Blow-Off Shots” rules

In 2016 the NRAA Board of Directors rescinded the SSR relating to “blow-off shots”.  This decision was to keep SSRs in alignment with ICFRA standards.

3.3.5 This rule has been rescinded as at November 2016. (The Rule used to be “The firing of ‘blow off’ shots is not permitted.”)

The Board then specifically set the permissions for “blow-off shots” at TEAM EVENTS in a new rule, During a period of 30 minutes prior to the starting time laid down for a team competition on that day, and the end of the competition on that day, no team member or Coach shall be engaged in any other shooting whatsoever except at a zero range for the purpose of adjusting sights and/or firing blow-off shots.

The Board however, because of the interminable number of variations in range design and danger templates, has not formulated any specific rule(s) relating to Prize Meetings and club events, relying only on the concept that “blow-off shots” are exactly that and are not to give any competitor any advantage over another.

In correspondence August 2017 WARA received the following from Reg Cunningham, NRAA Rules Director,

On a Teams Match day, shots at a venue such as a Zero range are acceptable. However there are still restrictions on any sort of shooting beforehand on the range that may give information about wind conditions, elevations etc.

 As Rules Director with the above statement in mind, my determination is that, “Blow Off” or fouling shots are allowed at a TIME and LOCATION such as a Zero range or similar distance. The time and range location is determined by the Organizing Body, Match Committee, or Match Director in consultation with the CRO.

 At NO time should the competitor be allowed to dictate the time or place for firing blow-off shots.

Following recent email and phone communication with Rules Director Reg Cunningham the following assessment is an outline of the “intent” projected and supported by the Board.

In the absence of a suitable ‘Mini or Zero’ range, “blow-off shots” should be conducted prior to the commencement of the scheduled start time of a match or practice and in an area, suited to the safety of the range, at a distance no greater than 100 meters.

The firing of “blow-off shots” by any competitor either at their allotted target, between targets or at another area of the stop butt immediately before firing their first sighter is not supported and considered to be ‘not within the intent’ of allowing “blow-off shots.

Associations and clubs need to establish and advertise procedures permitting the time and place for “blow-off shots” in their promotional material.


Allan Dods
WARA Chairman

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