"1913 Militia Rifle Club Structure and Location of Activity List in Western Australia

During the re-organisation of the Militia as a consequence of the 1910 Kitchener Report, a new system of raising the forces occurred. In so doing, areas whose population altered and were unable to sustain any Militia activity had functions removed. Other areas had the units peculiar to the particular state disbanded or amalgamated with other units. In 1911 there were specific 1,527 Militia activities spread over the continent of Australia. This increased to 1,772 Militia activities in 1912. However, the transition was not always linear. In the shake-up, 236 Militia activities were removed from various centres. The major reason for the removal of an activity related to population issues. The main item removed from an area was the rifle club.

The following is a list of all Militia Rifle Club activities that were in operation from a particular location in Western Australia during the 1913 year."

From the Australian Light Horse Studies Centre website.  Review WA clubs as at 1913


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