“A sport for all”

To promote excellence in the international sport of full bore target shooting, whist encouraging participation and educating people in the safe handling and responsible use of firearms.

Governance, Integrity, Participation, Sustainability

Pillars of WARAParticipation and MembershipGovernance and SustainabilityCompetitions and Performance PathwaysRanges
Key Strategies
  • To grow participation of full bore target shooting state wide.
  • Provide opportunities for all levels of ability to participate.
  • Assist Clubs expand the scope and type of disciplines offered which are allowable under the SSRs.
  • Provide a governance structure capable of supporting the growth of the sport.
  • Service, support and retain current members
  • Ensure the financial sustainability of the Association.
  • Provide opportunities for members to reach their performance potential.
  • Support and develop the roles of coaches and officials within the Rifle Shooting Sport.
  • To provide support forMember Clubs to ensure all Ranges are maintained and operatedin accordance with SSR and State regulatory requirements.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Provide support to clubs for “Come try me” Programs.
  • Provide promotion for events to encourage higher competitive numbers.
  • Provide a membership structure that will retaincurrent members and encourage new members.
  • Develop and implementa framework to support governance within the Council and sport.
  • Develop budgets and income avenues outside memberships to ensure financial sustainability.
  • Pursue greater financial growth and stability.
  • Increase and develop new coaches and officials by providing courses and support.
  • Access all funding and training opportunities to support this goal.
  • Provide members with the highest level of coaching support.
  • Develop agreements with organisations sharing Ranges to provide alternate income streams, share development costs and offer a wider range of options to potential members.