Long Range Blackpowder Target Shooting is a traditional and historical form of marksmanship that involves shooting at targets placed at extended distances using rifles powered by black powder. Participants typically use three categories of rifles: Muzzle Loading, Percussion Breech Loading, and Metallic Cartridge rifles.

  • In Muzzle Loading rifles, bullets and powder are loaded from the muzzle, then seated with a ram rod, and externally primed with a percussion cap. Rifles in this category include Rigby, Whitworth, and Enfield muskets.
  • Percussion Breech Loading rifles allow loading from the breech, with external percussion cap priming. Examples include Sharps and Westley Richards rifles.
  • Metallic Cartridge rifles use self-contained cartridges loaded with black powder, including models like Remington Rolling Block and Winchester High Wall.

These rifles are typically single-shot, with calibres ranging from .45 to .58 inches, and bullets made of soft lead or lead alloy. While black powder is the traditional propellant, Pyrodex may be substituted in some cases.

Long Range Blackpowder Target Shooting offers enthusiasts a chance to engage in a historic shooting discipline, honing their marksmanship skills while experiencing the challenge and satisfaction of hitting targets at extended distances using traditional firearms.