Open, Standard and F-TR

F Class Open

F Class Open allows for a wide range of calibres, rifle weights, and styles, including the use of telescopic sights. The specifications for F Class Open rifles are as follows:

  • Any rifle legally held by the competitor, excluding return-to-battery rigs or similar.
  • Any calibre up to and including 8mm.
  • The overall weight must not exceed 10kg, including all attachments such as sights and bipods.
  • Rifles must be manually operated, with all shots loaded and discharged singly. A magazine, if legally permitted and fitted, may only be used as a loading platform for single rounds.
  • Muzzle compensators or muzzle brakes are not permitted.
  • Attachments are defined as any external object, other than the competitor, his sling (if any), and his apparel, which recoils with the rifle, is joined to the rifle for each shot, or raises with the rifle when vertically lifting it from its rest(s).

F Class Standard

F Class Standard includes bolt action rifles chambered for 7.62mm x 51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) or 5.56mm x 45mm NATO (.223 Remington). The specifications are:

  • Maximum rifle weight of 8kg, including sights and attachments, excluding the front rest. With the front rest, the overall weight must not exceed 10kg.
  • The stock can be of any material and shaped for shooter comfort, with a maximum width of 76.2mm (3 inches). A flat plate not exceeding 76.2mm in width and 10mm in thickness may be fixed to the underside of the rifle’s fore-end.
  • Any sight system may be used, which must be aligned by eye for each shot. A spirit level may be attached to the barrel, foresight, or telescopic sight.

F/TR – F Class Target Rifle

F/TR Class rifles are limited to .223 Remington or .308 Winchester calibres. Specifications are:

  • Ammunition may be commercially made or hand-loaded with no restriction on bullet weight.
  • The use of an attached bipod and/or a sling as front supports is mandatory, optionally with a rear bag. None of these supports should provide a positive mechanical means of returning the rifle to its precise point of aim for the next shot.
  • The overall weight must not exceed 8.25kg, including all attachments such as sights and bipods.