Field Class Target Shooting

Field Class Target Shooting involves matches using everyday, commercially available firearms and was introduced in the early 1990s. Sanctioned by the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA), it is based on service rifle matches and designed for conventional hunting rifles. Shooters use centrefire rifles with telescopic sights and five-shot magazines, shooting over three distances (100m standing, 200m sitting or kneeling, and 300m prone) with a consistent target size. No supporting aids except a sling are allowed.

Each match consists of 20 scoring shots at each distance, with two sighting shots permitted. Shooting stages include Forced Application, Trainfire, Rapid Fire, and Snap, each with specific timing and target exposure rules. These matches help hunters familiarise themselves with their equipment and expose potential issues under timed conditions.

Rimfire Class

Rimfire Class Target Rifle is a variation of Field Class for .22 calibre rifles, with distances of 30m standing, 60m sitting, and 90m prone. It uses smaller targets and allows only rimfire rifles and ammunition. This challenging match is excellent for junior shooters.

Both Field and Rimfire Classes provide varied shooting positions and time limits, offering a mix of slow precision shots and fast, instinctive shooting. Time-limited shooting may reveal equipment or shooter deficiencies, best addressed on the range rather than in actual hunting situations. Regulations ensure fairness, with weight restrictions and rules on appropriate attire, disallowing target shooting jackets.